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All Instruments

All Instruments


All Instruments

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W2FOREX allows users to access multiple markets from a single account.
You can access all kinds of information such as Commodities, Indices, Minor Major Exotic Parities, Crypto Assets, Stocks and trade quickly and safely in foreign markets through many channels.

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How do Currency Pairs work?

When you trade in Forex, each trade involves simultaneously buying and selling the parities. These currency parities give the value of one currency relatively to the other and are symbolized after the name of both. The first currency in symbol will be the base transaction currency and the second will be the counter currency.



AUD/USD 0.69853: It means that 1 Australian Dollar can be changed for 0.70 Us Dollars.


What are Trading Instruments?

Contract for Difference (CFD) represents an agreement, which based on the difference between entry prices and closing prices, between two parties to trade financial instruments.

Forex Trading, Energies Trading, Indices Trading, Commodities Trading, ETF Trading, Metals Trading, Shares Trading, Bonds Trading, DMA Stocks Trading.

The most popular trading instruments


Stocks are traded on stock exchange market. They are investments in a company whose value changes depending on their performance, therefore by buying a single share makes the investor a shareholder in the related company.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

A basket of exchange traded assets creates an exchange traded funds, which follows the combined value of the securities they hold. Many different types of ETFs, i.e. from Metal ETFs to technology stock ETFs can be traded.

Futures Contracts

These are standard contracts, functioning as legal, in order to purchase a certain asset from a future price (i.e. fixed quantity, price and place of delivery). Cocoa, crude oil, soybeans and more are the most used commodities to trade.

Forwards Contracts

Because Forward Contracts can be customized, it differs from the futures contracts. Mostly there are used for reduce risks and hedge other investments.


Options contracts give the investors the opportunity to buy and sell an asset at an appointed date and price. Buy options procure buy and sell options procure sell options. A futures contract force the trader buy or sell while it is not an obligation in options contract.

Currency Types

Futures and options contracts which trade a particular currency constitute currency types. Forex traders who make transactions based on currency fluctuations commonly use these.


Metals like gold, silver and copper are trading instruments but not only this, they are also assets for futures contracts. Physical metals, especially gold and silver are traded quite commonly.

Contract for Difference (CFD’s)

CFDs are agreements to trade financial instruments depending on the difference between their entry and closing prices.