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What is commodity?

Commodities are basic goods or materials, which are usually have the same quality and acquired from different manufactures.

Main markets of commodities are agriculture, metal and energy markets. Trading in agricultural markets mostly based on wheat, corn, soybeans, cattle, coffee, sugar and timber. Metal market includes copper, gold, silver and platinum and in the energy market trading process on natural gas, oil, gasoline and other energy-related products.

In the spot or dates markets of commodity, the kind of products are traded by producers, manufacturers, consumers and investors.

What is commodity market?

In the spot commodity market, physical product is handed over directly from seller to buyer and it is a cash market. Spot market sellers are mostly oil and gas drillers, farmers and miners. Buyers take these commodities and use it to produce new products to sell the consumers.

Commodity future transactions and options are contracts for buying and selling a commodity at a certain future date. The price and the delivery date of a commodity are determined by a future contract. Options contracts give the buyer or seller the right to buy or sell the commodity on a certain date and at a certain price. These two types of contracts are used to protect against price fluctuations or reduce risk as a result of events such as weather conditions, natural disasters, economic dynamics or political developments.

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How are the transactions made in commodity exchange market?

The impact of commodity market to the economy has been great among societies from the past to the present. Current prices in the commodity market; Depending on the economic, political, supply-demand balances from time to time, changes are observed. For this reason, the volatility in the commodity market allows investors to gain high returns in a short time. When the volatility of commodities is high, it becomes high risky but high profitable investment product.

Stock exchange market, Forex companies and VIOP accounts can be used to trade commodities. Investors can use the platform that is suitable for them. VIOP users trade on future price while Forex users trade on current price.

What are the types of Commodity?

Commodities, which have the highest share among various investment instruments, are the products that have transaction volume in the financial market.

  • Precious metals such as gold, petroleum, silver, copper, steel, aluminum; crops such as cotton, corn and wheat are among the investment instruments. These listed products are highly preferred in the investment market because of their high returns to investors.
  • In addition to these products, there are alternative commodity products such as sugar and walnuts.
  • One of the issues that should be paid attention while investing is the addition of commodities that will gain value or are about to gain value in the stock market to the portfolio.
  • Buying and investing in commodities such as gold, copper and steel brings with it a lot of risk.
  • The trends of the price trend in the markets can be determined and every price movement can be turned into profit.
  • Investing in the financial markets is both profitable and it provides confidence.

How to Trade Commodities?

Commodities, which are reliable long-term investment instruments, are all traded in different ways. Commodity trading is very practical, with the possibility of trading with live data at any time in forex and stock market services, as well as the possibility of profiting from rises and falls in prices with a few easy transactions, with quick transactions.

How to Make Commodity Investments?

Investing on the Internet is a very simplified system with the technology and systems developed to easily perform transactions from phones, tablets and computers.

How to Invest in Commodities of Precious Metals such as Gold Investment?

Investing in mines over the web is completely legal in markets such as forex and gold exchange, and it is done in a controlled and reliable manner. On the other hand, profitable transactions are made with the opportunities prepared by the markets.

It can be thought that silver will be bought at low prices and therefore the profit to be obtained will be low. Thanks to the investment tool such as leverage in the Forex market, more than normal profits can be obtained from silver with low prices.

Oil, which is the number one of the world and industries, has a great value and importance for investors. Because of its features, it makes it possible for investors to make safe and profitable investments.


How is Commodity Investment Made in Agricultural Products?

It is a safe investment type due to the low cost of most of its products, the easy monitoring of the market, the fact that the prices do not fluctuate much, the loss in general is low and the profit is low. High returns can be obtained from long-term investments.