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Forex Markets

Forex Markets

What is Forex Market?

By providing the exchange of one currency to another Forex makes easier international investment and trade. Forex market traders include Central Banks, corporate investors and small investors.

How to trade in Forex?

In the interest of trading in the Forex market first you can open an account in a brokerage Corporation that you want to make trade. Then with the deposited collateral you can make your transactions wherever with your phone, tablet or computer which have internet.

Which hours can you trade in Forex market?

Unlike the other markets, Forex market is not attached to a single center. Moreover, it is an over-the-counter market. It opens 00.00 on Sunday night and closes 00.00 on Friday night. So it is open 5/24 on weekdays.

24H Change
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gbpusd gbpusd
usdjpy usdjpy
usdchf usdchf

Why you should trade with W2FOREX?

You can catch the opportunities quickly in a short time!

Unlimited opportunities are waiting for you in the Forex market. Only 40 seconds you need in order to sign up and obtain all available currency pairs on the W2FOREX platform.

The best trading platform with Professional tools!

With the help of the built-in charting software which performs technical analysis quickly and efficiently you can become the best trader. Benefit from the Professional tools W2FOREX platform offers to you.

High profits with low transaction costs!

W2FOREX offers to you the best commission rates in the industry, so you can profit highly and save as much as possible.

How should money management be in Forex market?

Money management, which is applicable for all investment instruments, because of the high leverage effect, became a much more important notion in Forex markets.

A successful money management procures your ownership of your capital and helps you to stay in the market longer. The start point of money management is the ratio of open positions to total capital and one of the most important factors which increase the success is the right strategies created with successful money management.

How should money management be in Forex market?

What is the leverage in the Forex market?

Leverage is a system that helps the investors to make larger voluminous transactions with less capital. With this investor can take more part in the financial markets.

The ratio of the leverage has an important place in the Forex market because it makes the Forex market more effective than other financial markets and it differs from country to country.

What is the leverage in the Forex market?

Using the leverage

Leverage creates high profit opportunities with the right strategies when it is used correctly. The examination is below by using different scenarios with leverage or without leverage.

Transactions without leverage:

Without using leverage, you can make an invest worth $1,200 with $1,200 and the gain or loss is calculated with this rate. If there is an increase by 1%, your gain will be $12.

Earnings: $12
Transactions with leverage:

With using 1/10 leverage you can make an investment with a collateral of $1,200 but it worth $12,000 while you trading 1 lot of gold. If there is an increase by %1, your gain will be $120.

Earnings: $120

Benefits of currency trading with leverage

High profit advantage!
If the position goes with the right moves to the right directions, this leverage margin trade results in higher profits. However, if the moves go wrong, the risk conclude in loss.
Portfolio Diversification
Through the use of leverage, investors do not have to most of their capital in one trade. This procures having more capital to use in other trades.
Taking advantages from the decreases in the market
Investors, who use leverage, can profit by opening short term positions in a falling market. In this situation they can sell high and buy back low.

The foreign exchange market is the global currency market. First we should explain what “currency trading” is.

Currency trading is one of the most liquid and essential markets, because it represents world’s leading national economies and each region’s currencies, making it the most popular.

Reputation of each country’s currency is affected supply and demand, political factors, natural disasters and more. Many different factors can affect the forex currency prices and cause fluctuations. Each of these effects create large assets for trading.

Forex currency trading works in short and long positions which depends the traders’ expectations of to the which direction the market is moving. With the technical analysis W2Forex offers to the investors with the help of its’ advanced trading tools and built-in charting software system, traders can plan the perfect entry or exit point and then apply his strategy. Traders can open both short and long operations at the same time in order to take hedge positions and minimize the risk or maximize profit.

Forex market has the most voluminous market in the world and has the power to determine all currencies’ exchange rate in the world. In the Forex market each currency is traded in a trading pair by a broker. To make an example; the US Dollar can be traded as a pair against the Japanese Yen.

For further information, the Forex Trading Guide can be used.

GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY are the major four pairs to trade. The major pairs always bear the US Dollar, which is the main reserve currency in the world. Moreover, most assets and tokens are priced in USD.

Besides the major pairs, W2Forex also gives traders to access more exotic forex currency pairs e.g. EUR/CHF, AUD/CAD, USD/ZAR and 14 more. Because these exotic currencies are more uncertain and reacts very different factors, trading with these provide a unique experience.

The right broker makes the Forex trading easier by offering various major, exotic currency pairs and different assets.

An award winning trading platform like W2FOREX offers the traders all CFDs.

To start trading and get access to the various number of pairs 100$ will be enough.

Making operations by using CFDs is the smartest way to enter Forex markets. Forex pairs can be bought and sold with the highest profits possible through leverage by using CFDs. Both short and long positions.